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what is soab

We're right at the heart of Albufeira, next to the main beaches, bars, restaurants and cultural points of interest. But just because of that, don't think that you might go broke if you stay with us.


We're not that type of SOAB.


We're the kind that's so in love with our city that we want to share it with everyone else.

So here we are, completely available to provide the best possible experience of Albufeira that you can imagine. This is not just the a place to sleep, it's also the place where your journey is born. Here you can enjoy life not like a tourist would, but like us locals do. We'll tell you all our dirty little secrets, from the spot with the best cheap beer and dishes to that underground beach no one knows about.

And when you leave, you'll have lived like a true SOAB. Be proud of it.


No kidding, the owners are the real SOABs. It was great, not like a regular hotel, it was a hell of a lot better.

Leif, Netherlands

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