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There's plenty to do around here. From going to the beach to having drinks, there's a great deal of flavours to taste and experiences to have. Ride a bike, go on boat tour, learn to surf or just explore the surroundings. 


It's literally a 3 minute walk to the nearest beach. But there's plenty of that to go around, at a walking distance.

go out

All dressed up with plenty of bars and clubs to go to. Have a drink, meet new people and dance the night away.

food is good

The hard thing do to around here, is to try all the different flavours of the traditional dishes.


From bike rides, to surfing, running, walking or riding a skateboard, you can get in shape and have fun.

sea tours

From our beautiful caves to dolphins and birds, there's a whole new world to dive in to.

sight seeing

Since you're already in old town, take the time to visit all the points of interest, cultural monuments and beautiful sights.

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